The Natural Beauty & Healing Story

Natural Beauty & Healing was founded in 2017 by Andrea Bedeau
  • Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner
  • Certified Angelic Reiki Master
  • Certified Crystal Reader

As a Deputy Headteacher, Business Owner, Wife and Mother, Andrea was searching for a way to manage the stresses of day to day life.  In 2011 she discovered the wonderful benefits of Reiki and Crystal healing.

In 2012, Andrea was taken to a crystal shop by a friend and immediately felt a wave of powerful yet gentle, positive energy.
"I knew about the healing properties of some metals, like copper bracelets used to help arthritis sufferers, but wasn't aware of the power of crystals."
Intrigued, Andrea researched and learned that these beautiful gifts, found naturally in the earth, have been used for centuries to help with healing and balancing. Wearing crystals quickly became a part of her everyday life, as well as her Reiki practice, but there was a problem.
'My jewellery (particularly bracelets) would snap, due to the elastic, stretch cord base.'
Andrea wanted more people to feel the benefits of wearing crystals, but with good quality jewellery. She soon discovered that some crystals are mined using explosives or methods which damages both the health of the miners involved and the earth. How can crystals being extracted from the earth in such destructive ways be genuinely healing?
' I strongly believe that crystals should be healing and beneficial for all involved, from extraction from the earth, to the customer. Crystals should be sustainably sourced, ethically mined and all should receive fair payment for their efforts - It was from this idea that Natural Beauty & Healing was born,' Andrea Bedeau